by Ttech Tara - 20:35 on 06 March 2019
by Tania Gall - 13:38 on 20 August 2015
by Ttech - 19:50 on 09 December 2014
The Banana Snowboard sales for £445.00 with the same tech and more the Gnu Pickle sales for £414.00 Saving £31.00 and more.
by Tania Gall - 13:01 on 25 October 2014
This should resonate with everyone who considers themselves a skater. A collaboration between the Berrics and the camera makers RED, it follows a shit-ton of sick skaters as they just keep pushin’. It might be the simplest move in skating, but it’s never looked so photogenic. Read more at http://mpora.com/articles/call-skater-watch-video#xwZSL3l0oLD3EbYs.99
by Tania Gall - 17:45 on 22 April 2014
The Liquid Force Free For All 2014 is here! The crew here at Wakeboarding Mag joined the revolution at Revolution Cable Park this past weekend. The fun levels were off the charts. If you have the chance, make sure you get you and your friends out to a Free For All stop near you! Check out the recap at Revolution!
by Tania Gall - 17:16 on 26 February 2013
Werner Paddles Part of our stand up paddle instructional series, this segement breaks down the forward stroke providing you with a great set of fundamentals which we will build on in the next installment.
by Tania Gall - 15:34 on 20 November 2012
Here is another bonus edit from Defy, The Danny Harf Project. This video features Danny Harf, Rusty Malinoski, Parks Bonifay, Dean Smith, JD Webb, Kevin Henshaw, Chad Sharpe, and more. Defy made a huge impact this past year with over a million viral hits and selling over 20,000 copies worldwide. Defy also picked up Video of the Year, Best Video Segment(Danny Harf) at Transworld Wakeboarding Awards 2012, and Best Soundtrack at X-Dance Film Festival.
by Tania Gall - 14:13 on 14 June 2012
What do skateboarding and innovation have in common? More than you might think. A successful entrepreneur and innovator, Rodney Mullen is widely considered the most influential street skater in history, inventing most of the tricks used today. By the time he was 23, Mullen had already set new milestones for skateboarding winning 35 out of 36 freestyle competitions. He studied engineering at the University of Florida before co-founding World Industries, the largest skate company of the 90's, which was acquired for more than $20m. He continues to skate, innovate, and design some 30 years after he won his first world championship at the age of 11. Mullen spends his spare time thinking about open source communities, hacking the urban terrain, and transforming the mundane into something new. He'll be featured in the upcoming documentary, "The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography."
by Tania Gall - 15:50 on 13 April 2012
Lib Tech's 2012 Boxes for Days tour finished off a great season at Bear Mountain. Clayton and the amazing Bear Park Crew fit us in between two giant builds for Grenade Games and The Launch and we couldn't have been happier. Well over 100 shreds and warm SoCal sun greeted us as kids tried to conquer the 249' beast of a box. In the end the final 4 feet were too tough tame but we gave away boards, goggles, beanies and high-5's all day to the stoked kids, parents and crew. Thanks to Lib Tech, GNU, Arnette, COAL, Poler, Snowboarder Magazine and Bear Mountain for an amazing day.
by Ttech - 18:27 on 12 April 2012
The 4th installment of Eero & Heikki's web series sees them back in Helsinki.
by Tania Gall - 15:21 on 07 April 2012
We’re excited to bring you our latest exclusive video to ridebmx.com–Clint Reynolds and his Welcome to Tree Day in the Life edit. Tree recently picked up Clint for their team and hooked us up with this awesome video showing Clint going about his day-to-day activities–breakfast in his Airstream followed by a day in the woods. Clint has always impressed me both as a rider and a person. To commemorate this exclusive, I reflected a bit on the video
by Tania Gall - 14:47 on 07 April 2012
Warning: This video will leave you completely inspired, and make you want to scream at the same time!!!! “I Believe I Can Fly” is a trailer for a documentary by the French director Sébastien Montaz-Rosset.
by Ttech - 15:09 on 04 April 2012
Ben Player at Pipeline – he’s one of the best out there and this vid just backs that up. Check the link and we’re sure you’ll agree.
by Tania Gall - 11:06 on 18 March 2012
Watch the third teaser for the new Slingshot team video, Lipsmack, featuring a ton of insanely different rails and riding from Andrew Adams, Davis Griffin, Chris Adabie, Nate Perry and Brian Reeder.
by Tania Gall - 13:42 on 17 March 2012
Have some fun this week with TJ Rogers at the Chino park. See what the Blind team is up to next at blindskateboards.com and at twitter.com/billweissblind. Stay up on Blind’s Facebook too!
by Ttech - 17:17 on 02 December 2011
Body Glove is being honored at the 2011 Digiday Video Awards on December 12, 2011 as a finalist in the Best Branded Entertainment Video category. Digiday celebrates outstanding achievement in video media, marketing and advertising. 8-Bit, the brainchild of Body Glove professional surfer Cheyne Magnusson, also won “Reader’s Choice” and “Best Video” in the TransworldSURF Imaginarium contest for which it was first created.
by Tania Gall - 18:02 on 24 November 2011
Riding a great white? Check. Plugging a yellowfin tuna? Check. Getting pitched at Shipsterns? Check. 12-second tubes at Desert Point. Roger that. Video part of the year? We say “yes!”
by Ttech - 17:21 on 24 November 2011
Moto was lucky enough to spend the day in the company of greatness in the form of 10 time world champion and true legend of our sport, Stefan Everts. Despite having being retired from competitive riding for over 5 years it is clear that everts has lost none of the bike skills that allowed him to dominate GP's for so long.
by Ttech - 17:17 on 24 November 2011
The 2012 BMX World Championships are coming to the UK and with the Olympics on the horizon, the world's fastest racers are out to prove they have what it takes to shine. Prepare yourself for some big air, hard knocks and maybe even a happy ending.
by Ttech - 16:50 on 24 November 2011
Our all street skating feature Transmission returns with our fall offering featuring, in order of appearance: Anthony Shetler, Adrian Adrid, Ryan Spencer, Bryan Herman, Brian Gille, Tim Williams, Vince Duran, Trent McClung, Trevor McClung, Dakota Servold, Elijah Berle, Jordan Lucas, Ben Fisher, Levi Brown, Chad Tim Tim, Youness Amrani, Lego, Cody Davis, Travis Glover, Jordan Trahan, Ryan Pearce, and Max Geronzi. Video by Chris Thiessen
by Tania Gall - 11:54 on 24 November 2011
Watch Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinoski, Brian Grubb, JD Webb, Jimmy LaRiche and more ride all of the 2012 Hyperlite wakeboard gear at the 2012 Hyperlite team shoot.
by Ttech - 11:34 on 24 November 2011
I was at Blue Planet Surf checking out their new line of SUP and surfboards and was able to get Len Barrow from the Zen Waterman Blog share his knowledge on bottom contours and configurations on surfboards and SUP surfing boards. Len explains vee, concaves and gives some history on what has brought us to the modern surfboard bottoms.
by Tania Gall - 11:58 on 16 October 2011
Red Bull Secret Spot Germany 2011 - North Germany A Wakeboarding video by keltron with 1,585 views and 0 comments. 2 In the third part of their trilogy, Fred&Nikki;travel to the North of Germany. Their challenge: inverting gravity when doing their supreme disclipine "inverts". For sure you can see that they are best buddies and have a lot of fun together - at the cable as well as offside the cable.
by Ttech - 11:44 on 16 October 2011
The Quiksilver Snack Pack is no ordinary highlights package from a surf event. It's a unique package of never before seen angles and interviews from the Quiksilver Pro France. With the Quiksilver Pro celebrating it's tenth year in France, it's a very special event on the European leg of the tour. With the world title race coming close to an end be sure to watch how new rivalries have been formed along with how dangerously comfortable Kelly Slater is looking on the brink of his eleventh world title.
by Ttech - 11:38 on 16 October 2011
In part two, we’ve got more of what the pros really think about big money contests. Check out the perspectives of Nyjah Huston, Silas Baxter-Neal, Tommy Sandoval, Garrett Hill, Taylor Bingaman, Mike Anderson, and more. Check out part one for more pros’ opinions, and pick up our November issue for the full article.
by Ttech - 11:36 on 16 October 2011
What do the pros really think about big-money contests? Get perspectives from Dennis Busenitz, Sean Malto, Greg Lutzka, Lance Mountain, and more in part one of our Judgment Day video, and check out the full article in our November issue on sale now.
by Ttech - 11:20 on 16 October 2011
DC photographer Mike Blabac dropped by the TransWorld office to tell the story behind cover of our November issue. Hear what went down with Wes Kremer handling an amazing frontside 360 over a bump to bar in Helsinki Finland, and pick up a copy of the November issue. Catch the make in Wes’ DC Pro video here.
by Tania Gall - 10:37 on 16 October 2011
by Ttech - 10:29 on 14 September 2011
Nike 6.0’s wakeskate team has been hitting the streets non-stop for the last few years, filming natural drops and spillways all over the world, so it was only a matter of time before they made an event out of it. Here is the six-man Super Final from Nike 6.0’s Retention Pro/Am invitational at Ben Horan’s place in Nahunta, Georgia.
by Tania Gall - 11:05 on 02 September 2011
All i am going to say is watch this below, haha! Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the other episodes dropping soon! Jamie Nicholls
by Ttech - 17:17 on 28 August 2011
The 15-25 ft Tow Session today was incredible, check out the highlights from a very special day in surfing's history Song: Get Back by Delta Riggs http://thedeltariggs.bandcamp.com/
by Ttech - 20:26 on 27 August 2011
by Ttech - 19:21 on 27 August 2011
by Ttech - 14:23 on 27 August 2011
It's Ep 8 People!! And its a ripper we back to Cardrona for Snowboard Big Air. It was a windy day up top but it didn't stop anyone from throwing down. Produced by Small Town Media Presented and Directed by Abe Raffils DOP and Edit Jase Hancox
by Tania Gall - 17:45 on 26 August 2011
Progression never stops—that’s why TransWorld SNOWboarding’s 20 Tricks Volume 5 is designed to take your riding to the next level. Included are 16 tricks to dial in the park and pipe, and for the first time, we’re cracking the code of the streets with four urban moves. To better understand what it takes to stomp each trick, we added Contour cameras for point–of-view and multi-angle perspectives. Combined with tips on everything from approach to landing from some of the best pros, you’ll be throwing down new moves easier than ever. Filmed in Colorado at Winter Park’s Rail Yard Terrain Park, Breckenridge’s 1080 Parks, and in the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah. Riders: Seth Huot, Sage Kotsenburg, Tim Humphreys, Niko Cioffi, Cam Pierce, Joe Sexton, Scotty Arnold, Charles Reid, Johnny Lazz, Forest Bailey, Scott Stevens, Will Lavigne, Louif Paradis, Jeremy Thompson, Eric Willett, Marko Grilc, Bode Merrill, Jack Mitrani, Luke Mitrani, and Dan Brisse.
by Tania Gall - 17:22 on 26 August 2011
In just an hour’s time the 12 invited riders at the first ever King Of The Mountain jam at Powder Mountain in Utah shut down the dirt jump and threw banger after banger before Kyle Baldock was named this year’s best trick winner. Check out what went down in this quick highlight reel…
by Ttech - 11:07 on 19 August 2011
We've been wondering for a while now what crew was going to emerge victorious. Now, we wait no longer as Nike have unveiled FUSCINATION as the champions of Nike 6.0: Chosen. It might seem odd that a German surf crew manage to beat the competition with some river surfing but when you watch it, you'll soon realise why.
by Tania Gall - 11:12 on 18 August 2011
The 2010-2011 season was an epic year in Utah. Resorts up and down the Wasatch Mountains experienced record snowfall and Snowbird was no exception, with 783 inches – that’s 100 inches more than they’ve ever had before! All that snow meant Snowbird’s slopes were open on the 4th of July for only the third time in their history. People were skiing and boarding in shorts, t-shirts, and bathing suits (and costumes), while also enjoying Snowbird’s great summer activities, like the bungy trampoline and the alpine slide. The 4th was the closing day of Snowbird’s longest ski season – 202 days.
by Ttech - 10:56 on 18 August 2011
From Conner and Parker Coffin, “We were saving a bunch of clips for TransWorld’s Surprise Excitement Party, but they didn’t all end up fitting into our part. Ryan Perry put them all together, and included some of the ones from the movie to create this Surprise Excitement Party favor.” For more go to www.youngwisetails.com.
by Tania Gall - 10:47 on 18 August 2011
Didn’t see much of Kelly during the bombing swell at Cloudbreak did we? Here’s why… Filmed and edited by Riley Blakeway.
by Ttech - 19:51 on 08 August 2011
Riding down steep streets on traditional longboards was the closest you could get to feeling the freedom of snowboarding down a snow covered mountain. That all changed when a couple of innovators built the first ever Freeboard. Freeboards are a new kind of skateboard that allow you to pivot and move, much like riding a snowboard. A complete Freeboard will set you back anywhere from $219-269; a fraction of the cost for a snowboard setup.
by Ttech - 11:06 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 11:01 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 11:00 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 10:57 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 10:55 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 10:54 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 10:50 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 10:48 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 10:47 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 10:45 on 07 August 2011
by Ttech - 20:45 on 05 August 2011
Standard Films is proud to present the 20th film from the legendary Totally Board Series, TB20! Originating in 1991, the “Totally Board” movies pioneered big mountain snowboarding and revolutionized action sports movie production in a way that captured the essence of the sport. Fast-forward two decades later to TB20, where the legacy lives on through the ultra extreme snowboarding of today's most talented pro shredders on the planet! Starring: Halldor Helgason, Sammy Luebke, Blair Habenicht, Mark Carter, Xavier De Le Rue, Kimmy Fasani, Ryan Tiene, Torstein Horgmo, Lonnie Kauk, Raewyn Reid, Gulli Gudmundsson, Gjermund Braaten, Mathieu Crepel, Leanne Pelosi, Kevin Jones, Eiki Helgason, Mads Jonsson, Aaron Biittner Locations: Haines AK, Whistler Backcountry, Terrace BC, Alpine Meadows,Squaw Valley, Stockholm Sweden, Stranda and Oslo Norway, Akureyri Iceland, Jackson Hole, Calgary, Mammoth, Sierra at Tahoe, Tahoe Backcountry, Helsinki Finland, Silverton Colorado, Switzerland, Chamonix, Dolomites Sponsored by Bataleon, Burton, Contour, DC, K2, Lib Tech, Oakley, Nike 6.0, Squaw Valley, Rossignol, Empire, Sweet Protection, Quiksilver, The North Face, Onboard Magazine, Billabong, Transworld Japan Magazine, Snowboarder Magazine ORDER TB20 Blu-ray or DVD DIRECT and get a FREE Best of the TB Series DVD with order NOW at standardfilms.com
by Ttech - 20:12 on 05 August 2011
On a recent trip to Barcelona, we ran into Stereo pro Clint Peterson. Clint was in Barcelona kicking off a month long stay in Europe. Check out a day with Clint hitting some spots and cruising through the streets of Barcelona in a brand new installment of Neighborhoods. Check out past Neighborhood features here.
by Ttech - 10:32 on 04 August 2011
Hawaiian powerhouse Roy Powers walks you through a frontside reverse. From blowing the tail to recovering in the whitewash Roy’s got your back!
by Ttech - 20:31 on 01 August 2011
Lights, cameras, action! That was the theme of the night at Seaside Reef yesterday as Nike lit up San Diego’s most shreddable surf spot as part of their “Chosen” tour. Hundreds of surfers from up and down the coast, and as far away as Japan and Brazil made their way to the parking lot to find free tacos, DJ Vega bumping tunes all night, and a rock band, Wavves, jamming oceanfront. For locals it was a one of a kind experience—nobody’s ever done something like that at our little spot! Despite the lack of quality surf there were some moments of brilliance—mostly from the flyweight groms—and it’s safe to say that was a good time was held by all who made it down. Thanks to Nike, California State Parks, California State lifeguards, Encinitas Lifeguards, and Nike 6.0 athletes Dusty Payne, Laura Enever, Kai Barger, and Koa Smith for stoking out the kids with their presence—even if the groms were paddle battling them like ravenous rats.
by Ttech - 17:33 on 01 August 2011
Stop what you’re doing and watch this now. Teaser 2 for Brain Farm’s second film, The Art of Flight, is live. Ho. Lee. Sheeet! The Art of Flight (AKA the most eagerly awaited snowboard film of, like, ever) is Travis Rice and Curt Morgan‘s follow-up to their rulebook re-writing movie from a couple seasons back, That’s It, That’s All. And following their TITA teasing strategy, after giving us a couple months to scrape our jaws off the floor following the release of The Art of Flight’s first teaser they’ve now dropped the ‘Metal’ teaser to blow our minds once more. There’s no dramatic scoring to this bad boy; just good old fashioned speed metal serving as the audio backdrop to the collage of scenic shots, heli shots, FRICKING HUGE DOUBLECORK SHOTS, slow-mo shots, shots of dang good shredding, shots of a bear and many shots of avalanches. There is no doubt in our minds that this film will be nothing short of splendiferously frickin’ awesome. Roll on September 7. the art of flight metal tea The Art of Flight Teaser 2 Very Metal!
by Ttech - 16:36 on 09 July 2011
In the latest edit from Nike: Chosen we head to Minneapolis to meet the Familia crew. They claim that Minneapolis has one of the tightest skate communities in the world. Agree or Disagree? Either way, they've got to be one of the nicest!
by Ttech - 16:30 on 09 July 2011
Harakiri is back with a new flick that will be live next September on MPORA!Featuring Victor DeLeRue, Victor Daviet, Thomas Delfino, Ben Thomas-Javid, Valerian Ducourtil, Johann Baisamy, Bruno Rivoire, J.J. Roux, Gaby Bessy, Brynild Vulin, Enzo Nilo, Thomas Gerin, VIcci Miller, Aluan Ricciardi... Video de snowboard par Harakiri
by Tania Gall - 16:24 on 09 July 2011
The Chit and the Chat from Windy town, USA for uci world cup round 4 Take a guided tour of the fast and furious Windham World Cup track accompanied by a selection of the world's fastest racers. Sample the delights of a track in its prime and familiarise yourself with the infamous Peaty Plunge...
by Ttech - 19:23 on 08 July 2011
The GT Memorial Race is an annual comp celebrating the life of Greg Todd, the Noboard pioneer who was tragically killed in an avalanche six years ago. Culminating in a giant Chinese Downhill, the tribute event brings together masters of the bindingless art (Wolle and a handful of others) with the not-so-good (almost everyone else). We’re not sure who it is that gets to the victory beer, but it barely matters – everyone has a great time, money is raised for Greg’s kids, and VideoGrass make this chucklesome edit for the rest of us!
by Ttech - 19:16 on 08 July 2011
Teasers, teasers, teasers. It seems there’s more every summer, and even clips from summer camps and the southern hemisphere aren’t as prevalent as the classic promo. It’s not uncommon to get ‘teaser fatigue’ and skip them, but only a fool would miss out on this one. For their next flick The GUM Movie, Rip Curl have pulled out all the stops to create a banger of a trailer, unlike any we’ve ever seen.
by Ttech - 21:58 on 30 June 2011
Volkswagen opposes key European laws that we need if we're going to save our planet from climate change. But all is not lost. We feel the good in Volkswagen.
by Ttech - 21:56 on 30 June 2011
VW is threatening Earth by opposing cuts to C02 emissions. Join the Rebellion and turn Volkswagen away from the Dark Side.
by Ttech - 17:23 on 25 June 2011
by Ttech - 16:16 on 25 June 2011
by Ttech - 16:15 on 25 June 2011
by Ttech - 16:14 on 25 June 2011
by Ttech - 16:09 on 25 June 2011
by Tania Gall - 11:36 on 25 June 2011
Nico von Lerchenfeld beat out Shawn Watson and Keith Lidberg to win the 2011 O’Neill Wake The Line event in Cologne, Germany. Von Lerchenfeld convinced the judges with two close-to-perfect runs through the obstacle-strewn pool setup in downtown Cologne. His first run included a snowboard-inspired combo on the first gap, a huge melon air out of the quarter pipe and a switch toeside frontside 900 to top it off. When he hit his own signature obstacle in his second run, he did a perfectly executed backside 270 to switch noseslide and secured the win. Shawn Watson proved to be the most consistent rider, laying down top level runs all evening, including his signature olé toeside 540. Third place went to Lidberg, who showed excellent riding all evening but couldnʼt maintain the same consistency as his opponents. In the wakeskate event, 13-year-old Daniel Grant from Thailand amazed everyone when he first hit the course. He quickly put pressure on big names such as Nick Taylor and Leo Labadens. In his final run, Grant exploded and laid down the best line of the day, topping it off with a clean heelside frontside 540. Second place went to last year’s winner Jan Kissmann who was followed Andy Kolb in third.
by Tania Gall - 11:19 on 25 June 2011
Watch Keith Lyman’s last ride as a professional wakeboarder after retiring from the sport to join the military. Plus, get a sneak peek at the new 2012 Slingshot Lyman wakeboard.
by Ttech - 11:00 on 24 June 2011
Cops, tickets, arrests and a sea of thousands of skateboarders charging the streets of downtown Los Angeles. This is Wild In The Streets. The charge started at Hollenbeck park and continued around the public skateparks of downtown L.A. Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, and more set it off at each park.
by Tania Gall - 11:41 on 22 June 2011
As we like to have fun, don´t take everything too serious and it´s all about looking damn good here our "5 more minutes...please?!" Trailer. So sit back, relax 5 more minutes and enjoy! Full movie coming October 2011 Starring: Aimee Fuller, Ana Rumiha, Aline Bock, Tini Gruber, Julia Baumgartner, Margot Rozies, Urska Pribosic, Basa Stevulova, Jenny Jones, Lisa Filzmoser, Vera Janssen, Conny Bleicher, Sina Candrian,... and more! Edited by: Sophie Morawetz (aka Littlestar Films) Filmed by: Sophie Morawetz, Ryan Smith, Lachlan Humphreys, Johno Verity, Rene Gallo, Julian Pintarelli, Matej Gostinar, Ben Bishop, Stephan Kofler, Steven Kilzer,... Graphic design by: Kristina Fallenegger Special credit: Holger Frick Supported by: Roxy, Billabong, Burn, Nikita, Elan, Völkl, Sweet Dream, Sport Spezial, Cooler, Onboard, Golden Ride Music by: FM Belfast - "Underwear"
by Ttech - 20:13 on 21 June 2011
Stay At Home Dad is a funny web series about a rude crude guy (I was about to type "dude", but ... I just couldn't...) who is forced to become a ... STAY AT HOME DAD! Yeah, the title sort of gives it away.
by Ttech - 09:17 on 18 June 2011
Watch the run that won Phillip Soven the third stop of the 2011 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour in Colorado Springs.
by Ttech - 20:12 on 17 June 2011
Check out the video to find out more about the movie, get to know the cast, and watch exclusive videos!!
by Tania Gall - 20:05 on 17 June 2011
Seb Toots Full Part, from X Games slope to the streets
by Ttech - 11:52 on 17 June 2011
Since its creation in 1985, Oxbow involved itself in the action sports and mostly surfing while staying close to the riders and nature.
by Ttech - 10:58 on 16 June 2011
After Jake’s trip to Japan with Heikki Sorsa and Jake heads over to Monashee Powder Cats with Eric Jackson to get some stormy deep winter powder in the trees going. Need a Powder Fix? Check this video out, Episode 3 of “Jake Blauvelt Naturally” Jake Blauvelt is one of the best snowboarders on the planet, and has done it all. From contests to TV shows, and a spree of epic video parts, it’s now time for something a little different. Welcome to “Jake Blauvelt Naturally”, a new monthly webisode series of all that Jake’s been up to, on and off the snow.
by Ttech - 14:01 on 12 June 2011
Mikey gives you instructions on building your own snowshoes
by Ttech - 13:09 on 12 June 2011
Monster Energy presents the best tricks from each section of the finals from the Seattle stop of the 2011 Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy. In order we have Nyjah Huston’s Tech section nollie backside nose blunt slide for a 7.8, Torey Pudwill’s Line section nollie crooked grind followed by a backside tail slide up and down the A frame ledge that scored a 6.6, and last but certainly not least is Nyjah Huston’s amazing back side 360 to front side nose blunt slide for a 9.9 in the Big section.
by Ttech - 13:05 on 12 June 2011
At Street League Seattle Monster Energy threw a mic on Eric Koston during some of the practice so you can get a little bit of an idea of what goes threw his mind and out of his mouth when he’s skating.
by Ttech - 15:03 on 11 June 2011
Yes, SEO spiders, Sage Kotsenburg shits his pants trying a triple cork in this video from Mammoth. Us folk on the old continent might not know too much about American Sage Kotsenburg other than he’s the kid who stomped the double cork 1440 at Innsbruck’s Air&Style, but it seems in the US he’s kind of a big deal. Well, a big enough deal for Mammoth to build him a couple of Wu-Tangers and invite a crew of his friends to throw down for this slick edit. There’s no denying this boy’s got mad skills but, sadly, all he got to show for trying triple corks is a pant full of poop.
by Ttech - 14:58 on 11 June 2011
We waxed lyrical on JP Walker a few days back when we posted his Reel Raw edits from back in the day. Now you can peep the Don’s full part from last season’s People flick, Cheers. The man’s still got it! JP has done it all. He’s raised the bar and then some in terms of urban riding, had more banging video parts than you’ve had hot dinners and, often overlooked, he’s also pretty dang handy when it comes to backcountry freestyle. And he bagged the first ever double cork on film in MDP’s Shakedown. After producing snowboarding’s first ever all switch part 2 years ago for This Video Sucks, it was back to normal for JP Last winter shooting for the People crew film, Cheers. Except, with JP, you couldn’t really call his riding ‘normal’. Geek alert! Look out for a repeat of his first double cork – it even looks like the same spot…
by Ttech - 14:42 on 11 June 2011
Shane Dorian describes how the idea for the Billabong V1 wetsuit was developed following his brutal two-wave hold-down at Maverick's and Billabong wetsuit product manager Hub Hubbard tells how it came together technically.
by Tania Gall - 14:33 on 11 June 2011
As a teaser we’ve got one of the biggest waves that we’ve ever seen tackled by a British or Irish rider.. unfortunately all doesn’t quite go to plan though! Fair play to Shane Meehan for getting stuck in to the beast though and congrats to him for just picking up a sponsorship deal with Respect bodyboards and Deluxe fins.
by Ttech - 14:22 on 11 June 2011
This winter a trio of students from Falmouth Uni made a surf film with Dom Kent and Nicola Bunt for SurfGirl about surfing the winter in St Agnes. Sum up the experience in 5 words? Fun, freezing, frustrating, rewarding and such a challenge!
by Tania Gall - 13:40 on 11 June 2011
Camp4Collective tagged along with North Face climbers Mark Synnott, James Pearson and Alex Honnold as they travelled to Chad to climb the infamous rock towers. Was it a worthwhile trip? Looks like it couldn't have been any better...
by Ttech - 13:31 on 11 June 2011
Vidéo de surf filmée au Mexique éditée par Dan Treanor. Savant mélange de gros aérials et de jolies filles en bikini, le tout sur une bande son plutôt érotique...
by Tania Gall - 13:22 on 11 June 2011
The Chosen - has gone crazy! With your chance to show off the talent couped up in your crew, we thought that you might need a bit of inspiration. Here's a cheeky look behind the scenes of each of the commercials with some pretty big names in tow. Watch it...
by Ttech - 13:11 on 11 June 2011
Collin Provost went off in his first pro contest today qualifying first. Ryan Decenzo and Greg Lutzka went bananas on the big rail and Cory Kennedy murdered the entire course. Check out who is advancing to tomorrow’s finals and who didn’t make the cut below. 1. Collin Provost 2. Ryan Decenzo 3. Greg Lutzka 4. Figgy 5. Nick Merlino 6. Jack Curtin 7. Andrew Reynolds 8. Dennis Busenitz 9. Cory Kennedy 10. Sierra Fellers 11. Manny Santiago 12. Eli Reed. Full results here.
by Ttech - 13:10 on 11 June 2011
Check out a little teaser from practice today of what is to come this weekend in the 2011 Maloof contest in NYC. Theotis was looking good and ready for his first pro contest along with Cory Kennedy. Sierra Fellers, Jordan Hoffart, Shuriken Shannon, and more were all ripping too, check out the video.
by Ttech - 13:01 on 11 June 2011
Greg Lutzka goes home with $160,000 and Dennis Busenitz takes $40,000. The finals were a head-to-head bracket style format. Have a look at the breakdown here. The last three match-ups (Decenzo Vs. Lutzka, Busenitz Vs. Figgy, Busenitz Vs. Lutzka) were insane. Big ups to Maloof for another rad contest and the largest first place prize in the game. Check out all the ripping from today’s finals below.
by Tania Gall - 12:34 on 11 June 2011
Bob Soven has prepared the ultimate checklist to help you get ready for the biggest wake event of the year, Liquid Force's BroStock 2011
by Ttech - 13:09 on 01 June 2011
Primo footage from back in the day showcasing urban shredgends breaking ground. Watch it. If you don’t know who JP Walker is you can’t call yourself a snowboarder. Simple as that. JP and his cronies were responsible for ushering in the second wave of jibbing and arguably laid the blueprint for anyone who takes urban snowboarding seriously these days. A couple weeks back he released some raw, uncut footage from downtown sessions in the 1999-2000 season which was an awesome chance to relive some legends breaking boundaries. Sure, the rails and tricks look tame by todays’s standards but at the time it was nothing short of cutting edge. As David Benedek once told us, “Watching those videos back then me and my friends were all sure they must have a special channel in their bases that allowed them to lock onto nosepresses. We just couldn’t imagine how they would be possible without.” And now Walker’s dropped Reel Raw 1999-2000 Take Two, which is more of the same goodness. Check out JP Walker himself along with Jeremy Jones, Brian Thien, Mikey LeBlanc and Nate Bozung sessioning The Brickyard, Lindsey Gardens and The Rail Garden. Is it JP or Jeremy that has the hissy fit and gives his board a beating before chucking it over a wall?
by Tania Gall - 14:50 on 31 May 2011
by Ttech - 18:33 on 30 May 2011
Chris Troy stopped by the TransWorld skatepark to show you the secret to locking into proper fakie ollie to switch frontside crooked grinds. Watch and learn. Filmed by Blair Alley, edited by Chris Thiessen.
by Ttech - 18:15 on 30 May 2011
One of the best kickflippers in the biz, Rodrigo Peterson stopped by our warehouse to show the tricks of his trade. Proper set up, catching at the apex, landing bolts, and mad pop are what it takes to kickflip like Rodrigo. Filmed & edited by Chris Thiessen.
by Ttech - 16:20 on 28 May 2011
Fun, and informative. Like class should be but rarely is. Get schooled on the history of snowboard grabs by Nick Visconti and his mates in this late-season edit. Although we could swear we heard him claim snowboarders ‘invented’ the Stalefish grab – patently untrue as The Birdman Tony Hawk has that honour – we’ll let it slide as there’s a bunch of minishred übergrabs going down in this edit, and some banter about it all to illuminate your mind. Riders: Nick Visconti, Tim Eddy, Joshua Parker, Colton Morgan, NJ Peterson, Danyale Patterson
by Tania Gall - 16:12 on 28 May 2011
The Teton Gravity Research dudes decided to pass the time by putting up some classic parts online, and the first one is PROPER. Jeremy Jones and Johan Olofsson are two big mountain nutcases whose charging never gets old, but put 'em together and add a Metallica soundtrack and you have the Holy Trinity of Awesome
by Ttech - 15:26 on 28 May 2011
Chris Miller once, once, once again wins the Master’s division at this year’s Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party. That would six total wins for Miller now. Steve Cab came in second while Lance Mountain took third. Here’s some highlights.
by Ttech - 14:48 on 28 May 2011
Nike SB invited us out to the Koston 1 shoe release party in downtown LA to check out the kicks in person and even skate 'em with the Nike SB team.
by Ttech - 14:17 on 28 May 2011
When Kevin injured himself 8 months ago his competition breathed a sigh of relief but he's on the road to recovery! We catch up with him as he takes to the water for the first time since tearing his ACL and he's already thinking about his first victory!
by Ttech - 14:05 on 28 May 2011
Some cool highlights from the GP of Brazil, featuring Ken Roczen, Jeffrey Herlings, Tony Cairoli, David Philippaerts, Tommy Searle, Max Anstie and then some. Big crashes, big jumps and some BIG ACTION - go check it out.
by Tania Gall - 13:52 on 28 May 2011
After Issue 152 had an article about the Northern Ireland BMX scene, it's only right that there's some video footage for those of you that prefer to watch rather than read! From Londonderry to Barry's Big Dipper, it's Northern Ireland all over.
by Ttech - 13:47 on 28 May 2011
Skatehalle-Berlin was, yet again, the scene for CLASH 2011 and it was one hell of a comp. We've got our hands on highlights of the Vert, Street and Bowl comps so all you need to do is click, watch and be stunned.
by Tania Gall - 13:19 on 28 May 2011
The Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship Presented by Movistar started today in flawless conditions at Señoritas and Caballeros. The left and right pointbreaks presented well overhead, long and glassy waves for the entire first day of competition.
by Ttech - 12:53 on 28 May 2011
After a controversial judging decision saw Adriano De Souza defeat Owen Wright in the quarterfinals of the recent Billabong Rio Pro, message boards were alight with comments both pro and con. The ASP World noticed and have issued a statement…
by Ttech - 12:31 on 28 May 2011
Quiksilver’s team of Young Guns head to Peru to meet up with Cristobal De Col and surf perfect lefts in the northern part of the country.
by Ttech - 18:33 on 24 May 2011
But before we got down to business, there was partying to be had. It started on a sunny bluebird Friday on May 6th. The crowds came out to watch the riders battle it out on a course full of crazy wall ride features at the Eddie Wall Ride. On Saturday, May 7 the craziness continued in the The Village for the evening Rail Jam where the pro’s took on a three-story high jib set-up for a shot at the huge cash purse of $10,000.
by Ttech - 21:35 on 23 May 2011
Spike Jonze and the crew released a video of a power meeting with the Girl Distribution staff to announce that it’s bringing Lakai in house for maximum, ahem, market penetration.
by Ttech - 19:43 on 22 May 2011
Riding a Penny! A transcendent feeling, putting you right back to where skateboarding & surfing began, with its free & stylish ways. Penny's small deck construction & super smooth wheels, makes getting anywhere a breeze. For info www.pennyskateboards.com
by Ttech - 19:35 on 22 May 2011
Ryan Sheckler and the Sheckler Foundation put together an amazing event that raised thousands of dollars for kids with autism. Skateboarders and supporters c...
by Ttech - 16:42 on 21 May 2011
The European Finals for the Element Make it Count Contest Series were held in Madrid, Spain on May 14th 2011. We had 16 contestants from all over Europe who were competing for an all expenses trip to California for the Global Finals.
by Ttech - 16:26 on 21 May 2011
Get inside the head of 18 year old all-or-nothing rider, Jesse Richman, 2x time World Champion from Maui. Ride hard. Push the limits. Big waves. Wakestyle. Just suck it...BOOM DIRECTED BY: Olivier Sautet RIDERS: Jesse Richman KITES: Naish Park and Naish Torch BOARDS: Naish Momentum 134, Naish Global 5"7
by Ttech - 16:18 on 21 May 2011
Finally It´s official: Suzuki Nine Knights is coming to life! Hosting Athlete Andi Wittmann is welcoming some of the best riders in the world to Urlaubs-Arena Wildkogel / Salzburger Land!!!!All infos on http://www.nineknights.com
by Tania Gall - 16:02 on 21 May 2011
Channel: Auto Sports, BMX, Freeski, Mountain Bike, MX, Outdoor, Skateboard, Snowboard
by Ttech - 15:58 on 21 May 2011
Freddy is back in chilled out Grotli for his seventh year in a row! Join him for a two day Madventure as the crew builds jumps and throw some shapes. Thanks to HC Bergheim and family for another great stay in the perfect season ending location Check it out
by Ttech - 15:47 on 21 May 2011
by Tania Gall - 15:41 on 21 May 2011
British Cycling Videos put together this guide to the XCO course in Dalby Forest ahead of this weekends race. The course is looking rather tidy indeed, check it out.
by Tania Gall - 15:12 on 21 May 2011
Head honcho Scotty Todd sets the scene for us, then we hit the hill with Angus, Disco Stu Gairns and the rest of the ‘Rome punks’. Away from the riding, the crew indulge in the fine arts of crowdsurfing, catching the spew at the last minute, and bullying the grom. Angus’ edit is a banger, and there’s promise of more. Nice one!
by Ttech - 15:06 on 21 May 2011
Snowskating - back in the early 2000s it was gonna be the next big thing, combining the pleasure of snowboarding with the tech tricks of skating. And yet it never really took off, because… well, firstly it was damn hard, and second, it just never looked that cool somehow. We're not sure, but perhaps this dude might be about to change all that?
by Tania Gall - 15:00 on 21 May 2011
Strange things have been afoot in Tahoe recently, where Nick Visconti and his crew of tight-trousered, new-school jibbers claim to have uncovered new evidence about snowboarding's past. This has lead the boys to pioneer a new form of riding… but can fruit-booting really be the future?
by Ttech - 14:54 on 21 May 2011
They left us hanging last week, but Isenseven have delivered this time and fired up another section from their movie "Don’t Panic". As awesome as the riding from both is, the real star of this one is the edit. We knew these guys were good, but who knew they could walk on water?
by Tania Gall - 14:47 on 21 May 2011
Those Peep Show girls are never far from trouble it seems. After Desire Melancon binned herself on a pole jam, now Darrah Reid McLean has narrowly avoided something far more serious. This was a schoolboy error on the part of the film crew – one person on the street armed with the phrases “Car!” and “Game On!” would have been enough. How about that driver as well? OK, so it was hardly their fault, but to just sit there when someone’s writhing in agony on the street?! Is the culture of litigation in America so bad now that getting out your car after hitting someone can be seen as an admission of guilt and a potential lawsuit?
by Ttech - 14:29 on 21 May 2011
I know it sounds like we’ve said this before, but you have to believe that we aren’t making this stuff up…every contest we go to gets crazier and crazier. Nike 6.0’s The Pool in England this past weekend was one of the most insane contests we’ve ever seen. With 19 riders in the finals all throwing down we ended up with this stacked seven-minute video with nothing but bangers. Prepare to have your head spin. Nike 6.0 The Pool Qualifying Results: 1. Dennis Enarson’s Team (Jeremiah Smith, Chad Kerley, Josh Harrington) 2. Drew Bezanson’s Team (Pat Casey, Rob Wise, Michael Beran) 3. Harry Main’s Team (Kyle Baldock, Alex Coleborn, Ben Wallace) 4. Sebastian Keep’s Team (Chase Hawk, Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffman) 5. Garrett Reynolds’ Team (Sean Sexton, Paul Ryan) qualifying Nike 6.0 The Pool Final Team Results: (*Based on all riders’ scores combined.) 1. Dennis Enarson’s Team (Jeremiah Smith, Chad Kerley, Josh Harrington) 2. Drew Bezanson’s Team (Pat Casey, Rob Wise, Michael Beran) 3. Harry Main’s Team (Kyle Baldock, Alex Coleborn, Ben Wallace) final-results nike-pool-london-finals-34
by Ttech - 14:12 on 21 May 2011
Hangover toothpick grind, toothpick hangover, tooth hanger…they are all the same, and Volume/Demolition flow rider Matty Long is really good at them. In this week’s How-To video he breaks it down for you step by step and gives lots of good tips on how you can get it done.
by Ttech - 12:54 on 13 May 2011
by Ttech - 12:29 on 13 May 2011
Who do you think’s gonna win? Let us know and we’ll see you in Hollywood!
by Ttech - 14:45 on 12 May 2011
Nike presents The Pool - a project that transforms an ex-local authority swimming pool in Dagenham, East London, into a world class BMX park.
by Ttech - 14:26 on 12 May 2011
Sunday’s Jake Seeley is one of the best in the game at Luc-e grinds and variations, so he’s the perfect person to help break down how to do a 180 out of a Luc-e grind.
by By Justin Cote - 14:17 on 12 May 2011
2011 Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro Champion Miguel Pupo’s “road to victory” video courtesy of Hurley.
by Tania Gall - 14:01 on 12 May 2011
Filmed in the summer of 2009, Altered Focus: Burma follows three film makers and skateboarders including Harmony, Analog and Etnies UK rider Ali Drummond, as they travel across Yangon and Mandalay. The film explores the reaction to this unseen activity whilst touching on the political situation there. Courtesy of Hot Knees Media
by Ttech - 12:51 on 05 May 2011
This special edition of DaveShortStories begins high atop a jagged mountain peak and careens down deep powder lines that would make any sane person think twice. Just one day of dreamy pow drops and buttery carves are enough to make most snowboarders die happy, but for Dave its just another day in the office. I guess you get used to this sort of thing when you spend 60+ days in the Whistler backcountry. The POV angle and acid trip edit featuring flashes of jelly fish and sea turtles will make you “feel funny” and begin to wonder… “is this real lifeee?”
by Ttech - 12:43 on 05 May 2011
owder & Rails and Burton are proud to present Season 3’s classic powder: R.P.M by Fall Line Films The emerging California snowboard park scene has a big presence in this video. SoCal guys like Bryan Iguchi and Dave Downing handle business at Bear Mountain’s “Outlaw Park”. In Iguchi’s part, we’re pretty sure he does the first ever-filmed backside 1080. Meanwhile, Grass Valley locals like Chris Roach, Aaron Vincent, and Noah Salasnek get “Jibassic” at NorCal’s Boreal. Then Jamie Lynn joins them and The Boreal segment becomes one of the coolest things ever documented in a snowboard video. The Northwest legends Mike Ranquet and Jamie Lynn shred powder lines at Mt. Baker. Ranquet does a solo helicopter guided backcountry segment. To top it all of there’s a lot of awesome tunes provided by bands like Dead Kennedys, Melvins, Monster Magnet, and Supersuckers. Fans of Powder & Rails can watch this classic ‘94 burner for a limited time on VBS, and catch a nice dose of new school scene of flannel, big pants and plenty of “butters”. Utilizing a roadtrip format and featuring snow/skate legends Salasnek, Roach and Cardiel; “R.P.M.” takes the viewer deep into technical progression circa 1993.
by Ttech - 12:38 on 05 May 2011
JD Dennis exits a line in the oregon back-county and goes a little to big while filming for the new Visual Collective and Ykwii Video. Who needs knees anyways…
by Ttech - 12:35 on 05 May 2011
Mid April weekend at Mammoth Mountain during PB&J and Bro Down Showdown with Spencer Schubert, Brandon Hobush, Johnny O’Connor, Lance Hakker, Parker Worthen and Dylan Alito thirty_two_mammoth
by Ttech - 12:33 on 02 May 2011
From April 22nd till the 24th the second Head Jib Factory by Alex Tank went down at Oberjoch, Germany. It was all about having fun and BBQ. Check out the clip of this super nice session!
by at Thurso East with perfect Barrels, big waves and off shore wind. - 16:09 on 25 April 2011
by Ttech - 14:01 on 03 April 2011
Filmed and edited by Dustin Leary, here are Team Deathwish Skate Jams with the locals at Oakland DeFremery park.
by Tania Gall - 19:03 on 31 March 2011
by Ttech - 15:20 on 03 March 2011
Here we have Dan Wakeham, testing the new catapult bungee on his skateboard, down an aisle on a less than busy lunchtime. And why not...
by Tania Gall - 13:02 on 07 December 2010
by Ttech - 17:39 on 04 November 2010
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