Repair and Maintenance Your Board/Skis

If you have C2 Banana, K2 Fastplant, Bataleon Triple Base Tech, Arbor Griptect,Nitro Zero Camber and Magne-Traction.
I know there are many brands with similar tech, I do not need to list them all.
DANGER do not send your board/skis to a shop that runs all servicing on machines like your large chains or shop that have a large turnover of hire equipment, as they do not have the time to take extra care and respect for this tech.
It is time for you to learn how to look after your oun kit, If you do not have time let my capable hands do the job for you.WORKSHOP

Magne-Trection has 7 contact points on the edge of your board so this must NOT be put through an edge grinding machine.
You will need a small edge hand tool, why a small one? So it can move with the contour of the bumpy edge.

These days with triple base tech, and rockers ……….Again putting these boards through stone/sand base grinding machine can flatten,deform the shape of the board/ski.
So again you will need to do this by hand. Please ask me advice.

Another thing when you get your board/skis thrown through a waxing machine it is such a fine layer of wax it will only last about a day, so cause more wear on the base, eg the life of the your board/skis.Wax also prevents water getting into the core, again shorting life spam.
So I always hand wax my board, so I can get a sick finish.   

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