3 Things Every Surfer Should Own

Three things that every surfer should have in their arsenal: the Pickle, all different grits of sandpaper, and FCS’ fin ratchet.

Pickle wax remover

Stripping your wax can be a straight up bitch. I’m usually the guy you see who’s got layers and layers of aged wax on every deck of every board because I just hate doing it. Having the Pickle helps though (and no, it’s not what you’re thinking). It’s basically a nylon stocking with foam dust inside (you can make one yourself if you find the $11.95 price too steep). Let your board sit in the sun for a bit to melt the wax. Then use the provided scrapper to get as much off as you can. Then it’s time for the Pickle, just rub it all over the deck and it literally gets every bit of wax off. It’s even good for cleaning up Chinese wax jobs.


Sandpaper is crucial. All different grits, too. So maybe you’re not that comfortable fixing major dings on your board. But when it comes to those little knicks, just using a bit of Solar Resin is simple—and having all that sandpaper helps.


The interchangeable fin system has done wonders for the versatility of surfboards. The same board can be ridden from knee high to overhead surf now. The quickest way to change those fins out is with FCS’ ratchet. It’s also got a ton of different sized bits so if you’ve got a stripped fin key there’s a bit in there to get that thing out. Pretty crucial is you ask me.—Ryan Brower

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