How To: Use A Bungee

How To: Sling Yourself

Use A Bungee To Create Your Own Gravity

The concrete ledge on the way to work, the down-flat-down in the schoolyard, the wallride wedged between buildings-it’s these everyday features that beckon to be thrashed. The only thing missing is a gravity-packed run in. The solution: learn how to bungee and sling yourself with the Banshee Bungee.


Fasten the bungee to a sturdy, nearby obstacle with plenty of room to stretch it back. Trees, benches, fence posts, truck hitches-whatever’s close. Avoid attaching the bungee to the feature you’re hitting unless absolutely necessary as it can easily get in the way.


Have at least two people pull back the handle toward the rider, one on each side, so the rider can grab the handle in the middle. Test the speed a couple times to figure out how far to stretch it. Beware of using vehicles, winches, or other tools to pull the bungee back. One word-dangerous!


The rider should start from a sitting position, on his or her heel edge, perpendicular to the feature and within the bungee’s stretching distance. This provides a stable position for the rider and easy handoff of the bungee handle.


The handoff is a crucial and quick move. Pullers, make sure the rider has a solid grasp on the handle, then get out of the way. No wet gloves or butter fingers here! Rider, keep your arms extended and don’t try to pull back, just let the bungee pull you, then toss it to the side when the slack hits the snow.


  • Inspect the bungee regularly for wear and tear.
  • Buy an extra handle and attach it to your existing bungee to create a Y-shaped setup, for easier pullbacks.
  • Avoid running over the bungee with your board, as your edges will cut it up.
  • Have bystanders, photogs, and others stand clear so they don’t get whipped in the face.

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