Surfboard Deck Grip

Surfboard deck grip (or traction pad) is used as a replacement for surfboard wax to help a surfer stay on the surfboard. The grip is applied to the clean deck of the board permanently using the adhesive backing of the Grip. The pad is applied to the area where the back foot of the surfer is positioned when surfing and provides a non-slip surface. Additional grips can be applied to the front foot position or farther along the deck (longboards) for further grip.

Grips are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours and come in single or multiple pieces. Whether to use deck grip or not is an entirely personal choice; there is no right or wrong.

Traction Pad Detail

Surfboard Deck Grip

Non-Slip Surface
The water-resistant and grooved patterned surface of the grip is what gives the pad its non-slip property. The surface is hard-wearing and retains its grip for the life of the pad. No waxing is required!

Raised Centre Arch
When present, the raised section along the middle of the grip acts as an extra anti-slip measure and also helps with the feel of the grip on the back foot.

The kicktail acts like the back of a skateboard, offering extra leverage for the back foot. This raised section at the back of the pad also helps to stop the back foot from sliding too far back. The kicktail can be a problem if someone pops with the knee of their front leg close to the board. Repeatedly catching the kicktail can result in a wound. Deck grip is available with or without a kicktail.

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