Surf Travel Packing Tips


You've booked your ticked and you are ready to go - but what are you going to take and how are you going to ensure that when you arrive the only break that you find will be the one that you will spend your trip surfing. We'll be assuming that you are taking a full on trip and not strapping your board to your bike and cycling to your local beach.

The old favorite of "Tickets, Money & Passport - the rest is garnish" does not quite hold true for your average surf trip. Here is the list of essentials if you do not want to be caught short.

  • At least one Surfboard, the more the better. You might need a spare if you break one. You might need a different board for different conditions. The more the merrier! (just don't ask for help carrying them all)
  • Surf Wax. Enough for your trip and some extra to share with your mate who has forgotten their wax.
  • Ding repair. Don't spoil your trip with a ding that you cannot repair. A small ding repair kit is inexpensive and does not take up much room.
  • Spare fins and board leash. Easy to replace - hard to find in the middle of nowhere.
  • The correct surfwear for the trip. Do you need a wetsuit where you are going? Are you surfing a coral reef and may need booties? Have a think about what you will need to make the best of your trip.
  • Sunscreen. Maximise your time in the water without a trip to the emergency room for third degree burns!
  • Visa? Do you need a visa for the country you are visiting. Some countries will give you a visa upon arrival for a certain amount of time. Others will pop you back on the plane home straight away if you do not have the right visa - FIND OUT BEFORE YOU GO!
  • Don't forget your surf medical kit
  • Oh yeah - Tickets, Money & Passport!

This guide really depends on where you are going. If you will be staying somewhere where surf shops are abundant then you have nothing to worry about in terms of equipment. Take your board and you are away. Anything else can be bought while you are there.

Next you need to pack up safely. There is nothing worse than arriving at your surfing destination to find that the single surfboard you packed has magically (with the aid of a nice baggage handler) changed into two smaller surfboards. Next it's how to pack your surfboard for traveling.

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