Introduction to Ramp Building

Here is a list of some things I think are important when it comes to building ramps. Most are general ramp building tips and advice regarding woodworking, though some of it is more ramp building specific.



I struggled with whether or not to include a brief entry on safety in this skateboard ramp building tips article and ended up thinking that it would be a good idea. However, I'm not your mom and I have no place to tell you to wear safety glasses or to be extra careful when working with power tools. Especially since I refuse to wear a helmet.

Though there is a difference between having confidence in your ability and taunting the laws of physics. Use common sense when you're building and you'll be a happier person for it.


Choosing the right screw for the job

This is possibly one of the biggest skateboard ramp building tips I can give you. Use coarse drywall screws for indoor ramps and galvanized deck screws for outdoor ramps.

You're more than welcome to use whatever suits you best but remember, if you plan on taking apart that structure... nails simply won't cut it.

Screw Sizes - Skateboard Ramp Building Tips


I've also seen some people swear by a particular brand of deck screw because of how well it lends itself to the construction of ramps. I have used this deck screw and yes it performs great but I don't think the results justify the cost of the screw. In my opinion coarse drywall screws are the only way to go.

If your attaching plywood to plywood or plywood to 2×4's, 1 5/8" screws work best. If your attaching 2×4's to 2×4's, coping or transition sides to 2×4's, 2 1/2" screws work best.

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