How to insert a leash plug


You can use anything that is strong and at least 4 inches (10cms) long , a screwdriver is best, heat it for a minute or two then start to perforate the board with the heated screwdriver, from the bottom through to the deck.

Alternatively, you can use an electric drill on slow speed, with a 3/8 drill bit. Remember to always drill from the bottom.

It is not neccessary to use glue, just be sure to firmly tighten the plug.

Most riders will put the leash about 8 inches (20cms) down from the nose of the board in the center, but some will put it about 6 inches (15cms) in from either side depending on whether they are regular or goofy foot.

Note : If your bodyboard has a stringer, do not install the leash in the center or you will hit the stringer, just install it about 1 inch (2.5 cms ) either side. With double stringer bodyboards, the stringers are usually placed halfway between the center and the rail.


Your board may be fitted with our exclusive REACT stringer system.
Check the component listing for verification.

Please take care when installing your leash plug.

For boards fitted with a SINGLE stringer drill AT LEAST 4 INCHES either side from the center of the board as indicated by the "X" on diagram A.

For boards fitted with a double stringer drill lN THE CENTER of the board as indicated by the "X" on diagram B.

Failure to comply may result in contact with the stringer. Damage caused by drilling the plug too close to the stringer is not covered under warranty. Although the REACT stringer system has been designed to maximize the boards recoil properties, the REACT stringer system will not prevent creasing and is not warranted against over flexing.

By drilling into the core of your board, a necessary evil when inserting a leash plug, water can enter the internal structure during use via the opening around the plug. Due to all NMD cores being closed cell, only the cells that are damaged by the drilling can absorb water. Water may be heard from time to time inside the stringer, this occurs only in minute amounts and will not effect the performance of your board.

Where to insert bodyboard plug

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