How to Wax Your Bodyboard

Wax - Is it necessary to wax a bodyboard?

Surfers wax their boards to improve their grip , it is the same for bodyboarders.

Do not wax the entire deck of your bodyboard as you need to be able to move your body depending on the manouvres you want to execute , for a 360 your body has to be in the middle of the bodyboard whereas while prone riding your hips have to be in contact with the tail of your board.

Wax the nose of your bodyboard ( last 1/3 from the top ) including the rails , then same thing for the tail and finally the rails in the middle of the board. Drop Knee Riders will wax exactly the same way except that they will just wax half depending whether they are regular or goofy.

Bodyboarding how to wax
Wax for drop knee riding
Bodyboarding how to wax
Wax for prone riding

Bodyboard Wax
Bodyboard Wax

How to remove wax

Pour hot water on your bodyboard and the wax should melt off. Another option will be to use a hair dryer wiping the wax off with a wax comb while it's still melted and hot.

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