Why Bodyboard Fins

What about Swimfins ?

Bodyboarding without swimfins is almost impossible! Fins will help in all aspects of bodyboarding- paddling out, catching waves, steering and controlling the bodyboard as they are acting as skegs. After the board itself, swimfins are the most important accessories in bodyboarding.

Advice for all who rent bodyboards on Phuket beaches, include fins in the rental and your customers will definitely come back the next day for a new session ; there's nothing more frustrating than renting a bodyboard and not being able to catch a wave....

Churchill Fins

The most popular fins for bodyboarding on the market are Churchill fins. Invented in 1936, Churchill MAKAPUU "Floating? FINS utilize a patented dolphin fin design which gives you optimum power and acceleration for catching waves.

Makapuu fins also act like a skeg on a surfboard to help maintain total control. The blue rubber covering your foot is soft for complete comfort while the rubber found on the blade is stiff for more kick power.

Fin Sizing Chart:

Extra Small 3.5 - 4.5
Small 5 - 6.5
Medium 7 - 8.5
Med/Large 9 - 10.5
Large 11 - 12.5
Extra Large 13 - 14.5

churchill fins

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