Rome Board Tech

More than any other camber out there, NoHang-Ups kills contradictions and delivers high levels of finesse and playfulness, while at the same time delivering power and directional stability. If you like ollie pop and a buttery feel, with NoHang-Ups there is no need to sacrifice one for the other. If you like directional control and a less catchy feel, NoHang-Ups delivers both. Have some cake and eat it, too.

Two Varieties

3D camber profiling in the nose and tail, with a flat NoHang-Ups Diamond.

3D camber profiling in the nose and tail, with a positive camber NoHang-Ups Diamond.


HotRod Technology

Targeted, Focused, Lightweight Pop

Our most advanced pop-enhancing technology. To precisely locate longitudinal and/or torsional pop in some of our boards, we mill out the cores and insert thin tubes of carbon or fiberglass. In 2012, we have overhauled the HotRods with new orientations and the fiberglass version on the mid-priced boards to go with the carbon version on the higher priced boards. We configure four different variations to give you just the kind of extra pop that you want in your riding:

  1. Reverse Radial V:

    A new slightly curved Reverse V delivers the maximum level of ollie and nollie pop, without unwanted torsional stiffness.

  2. Torque:

    We’ve reversed the curve on this pattern to increase the longitudinal pop, while tuning down, but still maintaining, torsional kick from edge to edge.

  3. Doublebarrel:

    Ideal for balancing the looseness of our high-end rocker boards, this new configuration adds a ton of ollie/nollie pop, with a touch more torsional kick than the Reverse Radial V.

  4. Singlebarrel:

    In our freestyle positive camber boards and our rocker jib boards where we want to increase longitudinal kick without altering the rest of the flex profile, we lay in a single tube in the midline.

Camber Overview

NoHang-Ups Rocker Camber

The easy-to-turn, hard-to-hook-an-edge performance that the littlest rippers need.

A “football”-shaped flat camber platform between the feet and under inserts transitions to a concave rocker section under the toe and heel of the bindings and in the nose and tail. The result is a board that rolls into turns and is very difficult to catch an edge. Little riders have fun quicker and progress to all-mountain explorations in no time.

JibPop Rocker Camber

The loosest, most playful, most press-happy camber in our collection.

Flat in the mid section with rocker in the nose and tail: the flat section terminates between your bindings (1 to 2 cm INSIDE the narrowest set of inserts) and from there the rocker extends to the contact points. The flat section is stable on board slides, while the rocker that starts underfoot optimizes press tricks and results in a nearly catch-free ride.

FreePop Rocker Camber

A perfect blend of park playfulness and down-mountain performance.

A flat section longer than in the JibPop extends OUTSIDE your bindings to approximately 5 cm outside the widest insert. Where the flat section ends, rocker continues to the contact points. With rocker in the nose and tail, it’s still a board that loves a good butter and powder float, but the extended flat camber section improves ollie pop, edge control, and stability for jumps and all-mountain mayhem.

MtnPop Rocker Camber

Some riders call it the best of both worlds.

Rocker between your feet with positive camber in the nose and tail creates a ride that is loose at slow speeds and powerful at high speeds with plenty of tail for landing big shit. Works seamlessly with QuickRip technology to output a poppy feel to go with the playful, floaty feel between your feet.

Stay Positive Camber

For those addicted to the feeling of freestyle pop.

Combined with the right core profiles, positive camber delivers the unmatched combination of lively ollie pop and comfortable, catch-free landings. It stores rider energy and then releases it. It kicks. And when you want stable landing gear that can handle big drops and doesn’t want to revert, nothing matches positive camber.

Hybrid RipIt Camber

Float, glide and rip it up.

With positive camber for most of the mid-body of the board (it ends about 15 cm before the contact points), this camber works with our highest-octane technologies and geometries to keep power, precision and quickness directly under your feet. Rocker in the nose and tail add float in powder and help glide into and out of your high-powered turns. The perfect choice for riders who like to destroy terrain at speed.

Hybrid Fun Camber

Ease effortlessly into the rhythm and response of the turn.

With a mellow amount of positive camber in the mid-section of the board, rocker in the nose and tail starts about 25 cm before the contact points. The perfect camber for riders progressing quickly through the initial stages of snowboarding because the rocker in the contact-point areas lets the board easily engage and disengage turns, while the camber in the mid-section lets those riders load up ollies off jumps and feel the kick and response of a fully-loaded carve.

Powder S Camber

For those who like to float, surf and explode off the lip.

Rocker from the front foot forward and positive camber from the front foot rearward is what drives this profile’s surfy, faceshot-inducing vibe. The rocker up front keeps the board on top of the snow for the ecstasy of the float, while the positive camber in the mid section and tail keep the tail power high for slashing the fuck out your local wave of powder, ollieing off rocks and landing with confidence.

QuickRip Sidecut Technology

One Board: Rides Short, Rides Long

QuickRip Sidecut consists of a mid-section sidecut that is off-set from a sidecut of the same radius in the nose and tail. This mid-section sidecut is joined to the nose and tail sidecut by transition zones that create two Mid-Board Contact Points that are located just outside the binding mounting area. Depending on the board model, we vary how far the two sidecuts are off-set in order to modulate the impact of the QuickRip.

QuickRip lets a board “ride short” at slow speeds by engaging the sidecut between the Mid-Board Contact Points. QuickRip lets a board “ride long” at high speeds by engaging the full running-length sidecut where the Mid-Board Contact Points work to improve edge hold. This is what we mean when we say, “One Board: Rides Short, Rides Long”.

We use this design predominantly with our Poprock rocker boards because the playfulness of the “short” ride kills it for riding slow and jibbing around, while the edge-grip of “long” ride complements the inherent looseness of rocker when you want to charge hard at speed. The ideal companion of our MtnPop Rocker Camber

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