Stripe Carve Board

The Osprey Stripe Carver Skateboard is a complete single-kick board which is a huge trainer for your legs. A really fun board which, thanks to its short length, can give you really tight turns and allows for effortless pumping, even when the waves are flat.

This is a board that really blurs the boundaries between surf & skate; make smooth sweeping turns and use hilled driveways as the face of the wave to imitate snaps, slide out the tail for an accurate surfing cross-trainer.


Not only can this board help you hone in your surfing skills, its wide design also makes this a great cruiser for when you just want to roll around with your mates. Small and compact enough to carry around or strap to your backpack when going to college or work.

The Complete Single Kick Carver!

Concave Deck Offers Additional Foot Support

Practice Your Surfing Skills

Compact & Lightweight for Ease of Carrying

Black Grip Tape For Added Traction


Stripe Carve Board
Stripe Carve Board
Pay as you go Stripe Carve Board
Pay as you go Stripe Carve Board
Pay as you go Stripe Carve Board£35.00
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