Snow Dome Shredders

New "Ttech Waxing System" for all your Dome (fridges) shredders

Do you find that your wax is just not hard enough for the snow domes? So try out our New Ttech Waxing System. We use 3 types of wax that is much stronger and lasts longer in the snow domes.

What do we do?

  • Removing old wax by using the Hot Wax Clean method.
  • Put structure back in the base.
  • Hot wax with our "New Ttech Wax System" base with a waxing iron by hand.
  • Scrape off excess wax.
  • Polish the base.

This service is £20.00 but if you have a full service this is Free (on request)



Full Service for Skis and Boards £35.00

What do we do?

  • Removing old wax by using the Hot Wax Clean method.
  • Repair any holes or scratches by filling them with p-tex (Full service only).
  • Take off excess p-tex leaving a flat surface (Full service only).
  • Sharpen the base edge and sharpen the Side edge.
  • Fine tuning with Diamond file.
  • De-tune all Contact points.
  • Put back Structure in the base.
  • We will choose a temperature wax for your destination.
  • Hot wax base with a waxing iron by hand.
  • Also we will put on a liquid wax helping you charge down the mountain.
  • Polish base.
  • Check the bindings is working properly (skiers please bring one of your boots).


Snowboarders if you can remove your bindings before you drop off or for pick up please. However do not worry if you cannot, we are happy to remove for you.

Come down to our Workshop and Showroom in Brighton

also we have a great service Pick Up and Drop off to your

Home or Work.


Check your Post Code

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