11 September 2010
Starboard Catamaran Windsurfer

Late 2009, a Starboard survey with windsurfers around the world revealed a stunning statistic: 75% of windsurfers today started windsurfing through a friend or family, yet most of us who windsurf today own boards too small to teach others with. Effectively, windsurfing lost its most dynamic catalyst.

As a result, Starboard launched the Friends and Family program to help recreate this catalyst, seeking growth within windsurfing through sharing with friends and family.

To explore the idea further from a product design perspective, Tiesda wanted to start from a clean sheet to come up with an entirely new design, focusing purely on this Friends and Family concept. Enter the Serenity Cat.www.star-board.com/AutumnWinter2011/news_events/read.php


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