23 May 2011
Andy Irons’ Autopsy Release Delayed Again

A Texas judge granted a second delay of Andy Irons’ autopsy results following a request from his wife. Following Irons passing in November 2010, the judge granted a six month delay of the release which will expire today.

According to Honolulu’s KITV, the ” judge granted another family request Thursday that the report be released first to Irons’ wife, who would have 30 days to review the report with her experts. In a court filing, Lyndie Irons said the autopsy findings could be misconstrued.’The relief is necessary so that plaintiff can issue any appropriate press releases explaining the conclusions and the impact of the autopsy and squelch any false rumors,’ the filing said. The court document said that Irons’ widow and her newborn son rely on the money created by his company and name.”

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