17 June 2011
OXBOW BONZER Limited Edition


OXBOW BONZER Limited Edition
Since its creation in 1985, Oxbow involved itself in the action sports and mostly surfing while staying close to the riders and nature.
It is naturally, that Oxbow wanted to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Bonzer and the influence left by the Campbell Brothers, Duncan and Malcolm, in the shaping and surfing’s world.  Oxbow has just launched a limited edition of 20 Bonzers hand shaped and signed by Malcolm Campbell. Each of them is decorated, and glassed by the UWL crew in France.
This collector collection includes  Shortboard shapes from the past and present, Guns, Eggs, Octafish, and Longboards, that are designed to surf all the waves nature has to offer. This limited edition can be found in selected Oxbow shops and www.oxboworld.com.

Founded in January 1971 by the Campbell Brothers, Malcolm and Duncan, the Bonzer system celebrates this year its 40 anniversary!
Since its creation in California and first commercialization with Bing Surfboards in 1973, the Bonzer starts a fundamental change in the way of surfing.  The Past, Present, and Future are joined in each Campbell Brothers model with their famous and unique shape and Bonzer fins. The primary purpose of the Bonzer system is to efficiently organize water flow by designing fin and bottom systems that work in a synergetic fashion in order to maximize the use of the energy that is created by the water passing through the tail area of the board.


WATCH the video interview here.

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