18 August 2011
What If You Only Had One Chance?

The amount of skateboarding contests that feature female skaters has dwindled. Girls can still skate, but the amount of contests that they can compete in has shrunk. And yet, girls are still skating.

The Girls Just Wanna Grind documentary follows a group of teenage girls as they get ready to compete in one of the last venues open to them - the Oregon Bifecta (used be to Trifecta, but ... well, that's a different sad story). Here's what the documentary makers say about the project:

"Two years ago we met some girls practicing for a skateboard contest in Portland, OR. These girls were ripping up the skatepark while the local boys stared in shock. We wondered... why aren't we seeing this? Why did we have no idea that girls were skating to this level? What other amazing things are women doing out there that we aren't hearing about?

"It's a story about remarkable girls who have a passion and a talent. These girls make incredible sacrifices to pursue a sport commonly deemed too dangerous for females. Fraught with challenges and obstacles at every corner, their stories are incredible and mesmerizing: from dealing with cancer to devastating injuries to torn families."

In order to make the film, they set up a Girls Just Wanna Grind Kickstarter page to raise support - and they got all of it!! But, they could still use a little extra, and so they asked me if I would mind telling you guys about it. Nope, I don't mind at all - I think this is a great project, and if you watch the teaser video, you'll see that this is going to be a great documentary.

"If this film helps anyone find the courage to pursue what they love, regardless of what other people might think, then our job is done."

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