26 August 2011
Liquid Image snowboard goggles

We’ll have footage from the second day of StyleWars 2011 soon (catch up on the first day’s action here) but in the meantime, take a looky-here. These Liquid Image goggles were among the prizes dished out to the winners at Falls Creek. As you can see, they have a built-in camera above the lens.

Liquid Image Summit Series Snow Goggle built in camera Liquid Image snowboard goggles   yay or nay?

It’s definitely something that many of us dreamed of in our early days. Things aren’t so bad now with compact HD cameras no bigger than wallets or iPods, but back then there were times when filming even the most mellow piss-about session involved lugging a backpack up the hill.

As long as the batteries on this new goggle hold up in the cold, we can definitely see some advantages to being able to film your whole day, and relive it in HD. After all, it’s always when the camera’s off that the best things happen! Never again would you have to convince your mates of the epic run you found while they had sloped off for a vin chaud. Also, keep them on for the aprés-ski afterwards and you can see just how bad your chat-up technique is, and make adjustments accordingly. However, they’re not cheap; the best deal we found online was over £200.

So what’s the verdict, trusted Whitelines readers – gimmicky or revolutionary? Handy or (thanks to the GoPro) unneccessary? Is it flash-in-the-pan, or will even budget models carry this ‘as standard’ in a few years?

One thing’s for sure – if you had these, a ragdoll in the powder complete with ‘yard sale’ is something you really wouldn’t want to have happen….

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