24 November 2011
The Bodyboard-Depot Sponsor the best rider in the UK - Official!

Bodyboard-Depot Team Rider, Damian Prisk won the Auto Sleepers Tour after a string of excellent placings in this years event series. We caught up with him to see how he did it...

Congrat's on winning the Auto Sleepers British tour, how did you do it?
My wife said don't bother coming home if you don't win! She was joking, but I knew deep down that Wilbur (-Damo's son) wouldn't have been happy! I don't really take it that seriously leading up to the events. I just try really hard as soon as I set my watch to start the heat. Generally I approach tricky conditions/small waves as a challenge just to see if I can...

You've had an incredibly busy year, tell us about what you've been up to?
Busy year for sure. Hawaii at the beginning of the year was amazing. To have been able to take my now wife and son away and show them the wonders of the North Shore and to get married with my bro as my best man was really special. Yeah, I was offered my new job while in Hawaii and have been working hard at the Tremough Campus in Falmouth as the Health and Safety officer ever since and in-between there somewhere I have moved house and just finished renovating our new pad with the help of the Porthtowan groms... Am now looking forward to some winter waves and maybe a trip away?

You're the most successful British competitor ever, what do you put this down too?
Keen, passionate, obsessed, critical, all the ingredients you have to have to be successful at your chosen following, be it surfing, your career, whatever, it has to be all or nothing to be top of your game.

You won £500 towards an international contest, how are you going to use it?
I'm going to use the BBC sponsorship fund to represent the UK at the first ever stand-alone ISA WBG in Gran Canaria at the end of this month. Can't wait to get out there and compete in bodyboarding friendly waves. It's just a shame I can't stay on with the rest of the Depot crew and watch the final IBA comp of the year and possibly witness a new world champ being crowned!

What would you like to see from next years BBC tour?
An event held at a quality reef break with man on man heats! I know this is almost an impossibility with the fickle conditions the British Isles serves on a regular basis. It is something worth striving for and I know the guys behind the scenes at the BBC are putting in a massive effort to get events supported in such venues. Let's get to Scotland?

Your new board has sold incredibly well, how long did it take you to refine the template to where it is now?
There are rumours that you had sleepless nights about the colour combo's! My boards have been a long time in the making. Ever since I was a wetsuit rubbed, sunburnt little grommet I used to fantasise about getting a custom board made and what colourway I would choose. To have that opportunity from Science really is a dream come true and to have my own signature model is so special, as I believe so confidently in my template as the best to enable the rider to maximise their enjoyment in all conditions. The feedback from the board has been amazing and next years board will be even better as I've changed the template ever so slightly, managing to get more speed and pop out of the board. Surprisingly, I discovered the colour of the deck-skin subtly effects the boards performance (due to it's consistency). With this in mind I have been testing a lot of different colourways this year and have chosen the composition of the deck-skin that performs the best and the ultimate bottom slick colours to compliment the deck. Look out for them next year...

What has your input been to the Bodyboard-Depot?
I have supported the shop since the beginning at the launch, helped to pick the stock, helped to build the team and am stoked to be backed by a store that is supporting bodyboarding. I've helped to identifying the guys to get on board as team riders I.e. That rip, have the best attitude, show potential etc..

What sort of training do you do?
I have intensions to start!

What are your plans for the winter?
Top secret 360 trip, can't say anymore!

You spotted young Sam Brabyn and got him on the Science team a year or so ago, he is beginning to live up to expectations, what do you think of his performance this year?
Sam is really starting to shine and show good style and technical ability on both the belly and the knee. Sam is a really nice kid and reminds me of myself when I was his age whizzing around on a moped with a boogie board under the arm. I won't be long before Sam will be leading the charge....

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